Andrea Gala

President, Trout producers association PACTAN


Meet the President of a Peruvian farmers’ association and entrepreneur in the aquaculture business.

Toppbild Andrea

Not all 20-year-olds can call themselves president of a farmers’ association, or say they are running a trout farm. However, Andrea Gala from Peru is the exception – breaking conventions and paving way for a new generation of self-made entrepreneurs.

Q: Having chosen quite an unusual career path for a person your age, can you tell us about a normal day for you?

A: I wake up at 5 AM and have a very set morning routine. At about 8 AM I get out to the farm. On a normal day I make sure the fish are fed and the ponds are cleaned and then I meet with buyers. On Sundays, I sell our product, which is grilled fish from the farm, on a local farmers’ market.

Q: You are an association of 20 women who are producing trouts, how does it work?

A: We all have trout farms, and together we try to improve both quality and the business itself. It’s a more lucrative business than field work and by collaborating, we can create something really big.

Q: Interesting, what’s in the pipeline?

A: We are planning to venture into the restaurant business and try to make the area a tourist location. Since there are so many of us, we can create an amazing atmosphere where people can relax and enjoy our food. We have received requests from other women interested in joining our association and some have already started constructing their breeding ponds.     

Q: What would you say is the best part of being an entrepreneur?

A: I am so much more confident now compared to before! Nowadays, I really dare to dream and visualize how we want to see things in the future. I am determined to keep developing my company so that my daughter can inherit it one day.