CEO, Uncle Ping Meatballs


Meet Husriana on her world-enhancing mission, armed with her unexpected weapon of choice: healthy meatballs.

Toppbild Husriana

29-year old entrepreneur and business leader Husriana is a veritable troubleshooter. Her solution is bold and innovative, and combines technology, health, canny marketing and a delicious product.

Q: You left a promising career within the educational sector to make a deep dive into the food industry instead, what caused your shift of focus?

A: I saw great potential within the meal-production industry and how it can provide jobs for many people at low cost. But more importantly, there was something in my heart that said I didn’t reach my full potential, and that I could do so by founding my own business. That’s how Uncle Ping Meatballs was born.

Q: According to Euromonitor, the global sales of healthy food products are estimated to reach $1 trillion by this year, do you see any signs of this growing trend impacting your business?

A: Definitely, we’ve had steadily increasing monthly sales at Uncle Ping Meatballs during the past period. I would say that the typical Uncle Ping customer is a health-aware mother or father. Nevertheless, more and more people are getting conscious about what they are putting into their bodies.

Q: What does the “ping” stand for in Uncle Ping Meatballs?

A: Unlike the large scale mass-producers in the industry, we prepare our meatballs entirely without any MSG or artificial preservatives. The rich flavor comes from natural spices, such as chili, which gives you a “ping!”-sensation in the mouth.

Q: How do you incentivize your target group into choosing the healthier alternative?

A: We are constantly optimizing our marketing strategy in order to get our message about MSG- and preservative-free meatballs across. We use Facebook as a platform and find new, innovative ways to advertise. Besides that, a great tasting product is the best incentive there is.

Q: Your vision is to become a future leader within the healthy food production, what do you hope to accomplish in the coming years?

A: I have a clear vision for the future. Uncle Ping Meatballs will be a major employer within the industry, enhancing the community through job opportunities. We will especially strive to create opportunities for women in Indonesia, who as for now might feel the pressure to work overseas. To make it possible for these women to stay with their families in Indonesia is the higher purpose with Uncle Ping Meatballs.