Raeda Al Barri

Owner and CEO, Raeda Kitchen Supplies


A trendsetter in the world of home cooking.

Toppbild Raeda

Running a business selling kitchen supplies, Al Barri is a true trendsetter in the world of home cooking.

Q: With your business, you have been a source of inspiration for people around you. In what way would you say you impact others?

A: First of all, as a result of my success I have seen a couple of other players getting into my field of business. But more importantly I can proudly say that I have inspired other people around me, making people in my community interested in starting their own business.

Q: You have built your own business; how would you say being an entrepreneur has changed you as a person?

A: It has definitely improved my social skills. I’m much better at approaching different personalities and dealing with people both privately and in business.